great finds



 July 28, 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition souvenier found in December of 2004 in Yakima, WA.Chris Beniston 


 GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Membership badge. Found in parking strip along an old cable car route in Portland, OR back in 2002. Grand Army of the Republic was a Fraternal Organization of Civil War Veterans.Doyle Thibert 


 This 1924 California Chaffeurs badge was found in Portland, OR in February, 2004. It was definitely the best find of the day. Jim Siel 


 Dick was on a road trip in Central Washington with Tom Smith when he found this interesting item. It was dark when he found it and wasn't really sure what he had, so he put it in his pouch for later inspection. The next morning, having forgotten about it, he and Tom detected the park some more and decided to go get some coffee. At this moment Dick remembered about the item and decided to take it out of his pouch and put it in a container in the car and as he was taking it out something fell out of it and hit the ground.


  When he looked down, he thought to himself "That's funny, I don't remember putting my half (he had found a Walking Liberty Half-Dollar earlier in the morning) in that pocket of my pouch." He reached down and picked up the 1917 Canadian Half-Dollar and you can still see part of the coin impression in the dried dirt that is still in the item. After returning home, Dick found out that he had part of an early flashlight made by Franco in the USA between 1912 and 1920. The ot her part of the flashlight case was not found, but three batteries are still somewhat intact. It was a good little park for Dick because among his finds was a 1916-D Mercury Dime.Dick Gaboury  


 WWII sterling Pilots Wings found in June, 2005 in the St. Helens area.Todd Mullican 



 Wreck of the SS Beaver souvenier found in March 2003 in Portland, OR. The obverse reads: "1892 Wreck of H.B. Co's S.S. Beaver, Vancouver, B.C. Built 1835" and reverse: "This copper was taken from the wreck of H.B.Co's S.S. Beaver. The First Steamer on the Pacific also crossed the Atlantic in 1835." On the edge it is stamped "587".Tom Smith 


 1898 Yakima Washington State Fair souvenir was found in Portland, OR in July of 2002.Dick Gaboury .


 This Cavalry Officers cuff button was Tom's first good ghost town find during his first ghost town hunt. It was found in June of 2000 in Utah. The backmark reads "S. H. & G. New York" which is probably Schuyler, Hartley and Graham 1854-1880.Tom Smith 


 Jim found this Phoenix Button during a club outing on Sauvie's Island several years ago. The Phoenix buttons were surplus Haitian Army purchased by traders for trade with Native Americans in the Northwest in the early and mid-1800's.Jim Siel 


 Todd found this 1919 Chauffer's badge several years ago and after some research found out that this shape was only made during that year.Todd Mullican 


 Steve found this American Defense Service Medal in the Portland area using his trusty White's MXT.  Steve Tucker 



 The Isthmian Canal Commision (Panama Canal) tag was found by Steve in a yard in the Portland area. Identification Tags were issued by the Accounting Department of the Isthmian Canal Commission (I.C.C.). Employees presented these to receive their pay and to gain access to various construction sites.Steve Tucker 


 Bill has found these badges over the years when he used his White's XLT. Most of the badges came from the Portland, OR metro area.Bill Baker 


 Roy found this rather beat up aluminum piece in side walk repair in Portland, OR. It reads on one side "Industrial Conference St. Loius, ??(MO)? ??B(FEB?), 22 1892." The other side reads "First Peoples Party Conve(ntion?) Omaha, ??????."Roy Roos 


 Don found this neat Carhart pants button in a Utah ghost town in April, 2006.Don Lieurance 


 Karen found this nice set of US Navy Aircrew Wings in the Seattle area using her Minelab Explorer XS in October of 2006. Karen Pelletier 


  Tom found this 1909 Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition souvenir token in a yard in Portland, OR. It was given out at the Utah State exhibit and was minted by Dieges & Clust. N.Y. from Virgin Utah Copper .Tom Smith



 Tom found these WWII era pilots wings in a park in Spokane, WA. They are made of a base metal and plated with silver. Some of the silver can still be seen on the left wing. There are no markings on the back for better identifcation. He found these in August, 2004.Tom Smith 


 Chris found this Lewis and Clark Exposition souvenir in a parking strip in SE Portland, OR. He found it in March of 1997 using his then trusty White's XLT. It commemorates "Baby Day" for the L&C Expo on September 16th, 1905.Chris Beniston .


 Dick was using his Minelab Explorer II when he found this ROTC pin. Dick Gaboury 


 Bev found this Fob for the 18th International Convention Cleveland 1935 in the Vancouver area using her White's XLT in 2006. We don't know what organization C.A. to B.R.T. is though.Bev Shearer 


 Brian found this 1913 Rose Festival 50 Cents Contributors Medal in a park in the Portland, OR area.Brian Lundquist 


 Dick found the guts of this pocket watch in a yard in Portland, OR in November of 2006.Dick Gaboury 



 Chris found this nice lead toy Indian in a park in Connecticut during his second trip back east. He found it in November of 2006 using his Minelab Explorer II.  Chris Beniston 


 Dick was detecting a yard when he got a good signal. He dug down about 10" and saw the coin slit and knew right away that he had found a bank. Excitedly, he carefully dug out the bank thinking about all the different coins that would be in it. When he finally removed it from the ground and opened it up, there was not a single coin inside, but a very well preserved toy truck was. What a neat find, I wonder why this treasure was buried.Dick Gaboury 


 Don Lieurance with his Porthole or Hatch he recently found on the California Coast. It is over 144 years old and still has the lead seal on the bottom or backside. 



 This was Bill's first gold ring find. It is 24 karat gold with 12 small diamonds. He was using his White's XLT when he made this outstanding find in a Portland, OR in 2001.  Bill Baker 


 Tim found this gold plated sterling Buddha pendant in a city park in Idaho in April of 2006. He was using his trusty White's XLT. Tim Towsley 


 Don found this ring in April of 1999. It is one of his neatest gold ring finds. It is a 14k gold ring with little emeralds for the lions eyes.  Don Lieurance 


Tom found this 1920's era brooch in Fossil, Oregon. It depicts a man playing a flute for a woman. It was found in February, 2003 with a Minelab Explorer XS  .Tom Smith 


 Don found this nice Teens era enameled pin in a park in Idaho using the Minelab Explorer for the first time. He was on a road trip at the end of April 2006 when he found it.  Don Lieurance 


 Karen found this sterling brooch in a yard in Seattle, WA. She found it in November of 2006 using her Minelab Explorer. Karen Pelletier 


 The ring was found in a Portland, OR area park in 2001 with a White's XLT and was Dick's first gold ring.  Dick Gaboury 


This ring with wings and propeller was found in a parking median strip in Oregon City, OR in April of 2005. Ring also reads "Liberty" on the left and "USA" on the right.  Jerry Harris


 This Sterling pin was found in Portland, OR in January of 2004. If anyone knows by who or for what these US wings were issued for or if it is a souvenir, it would be much appreciated .              Chris Beniston 


 These are some of the rings that Brian found with his trusty White's XLT in 2006. Brian Lundquist 


 Brian found this nice ladies Black Hills Gold ring in a park in the Portland, OR area, February 2007. Brian Lundquist 


 These are a 14k necklace and 14k bracelet that Brian found in 2006 using his White's XLT.             Brian Lundquist 



 This 1923-S Peace Dollar was found during a club outing in April of 2004 at a park in Portland, OR. It's Bill's first silver dollar find. Way to go Bill!!!Bill Baker 


 This 1891-CC Dollar was found in December 2004 in Great Bend, KS. Chris was using his Minelab Explorer. Chris Beniston 


 Mike found this very nice 1909-S VDB in a park in Portland, OR. It was found using his Minelab Explorer in May of 2005.Mike Young 


 Among these coins, is Brad's first Barber Quarter find, a 1911-S.Brad Weigandt 


 This 1883 with "Cents" nickel was found in sidewalk repair in downtown Portland, OR in July of 2005.Doyle Thibert 


 This 1940 Canadian Half-Dollar was found in Longview, WA in February of 2003. It rang in clear in amongst all the nails that were around it. Tom Smith 


 Sandie found this 1947-D Walking Liberty haf-dollar in the Vancouver, WA area. It is her first silver coin found. What a nice first find and its her birth year!Sandie Peters 


 Mike was out detecting a local Portland area school and decided to try his luck in some parking strips in the neighborhood and came up with this great find, a 1921 Morgan Dollar.Mike Maxon 


 Karen found this lovely 1862-S Half-Dollar in a park in Forest Grove, OR using her Minelab Explorer. This park has been hunted to death over the years and yet there it was!Karen Pelletier 


 Mike found this 1881 Victorian Canadian Cent at a local Portland School using his Fisher.Mike Nanson 


 Mike found this 1897-S Half-Dollar in a park in Portland, OR with his Minelab Explorer. It must have spent some time in a street or spent some time with a tiller because it came out of a flower bed that was recently stirred up.Mike Young 


 Jim Found this 1920-S Half-Dollar in his own backyard along with a couple of Mercury dimes and wheatback cents. Jim's story goes like this, his wife lost a gold ring in the yard 7 or 8 years ago, but Jim has been unable to locate it as of yet. An accomplished hunter, he's tried every detector he's ever owned with no luck. He has owned a Minelab Explorer for over a year but never tried to find the ring with this machine. He still has not found the ring, but he popped out some good silver coins instead.Jim Siel 


 Mike was out detecting a local Portland area school and decided to try his luck in some parking strips in the neighborhood and came up with this great find, a 1921 Morgan Dollar.Mike Maxon 


 Tim found this 1849 Large Cent in a Portland, OR park. He was using his White's XLT several years ago when he came across it.Tim Towsley .


 Jim found this 1909-S key date Indian Head out of side walk repair in Portland, OR. What an incredible find, we don't hear about these being found very often and it is fantastic to see. He found it in February of 2007 using his Minelab Explorer.Jim Ward 


 Chris found this 1934 5 Centavos coin from Guatemala in a city park in the Bay Area of California.Chris Beniston 


 Bill found both of these dimes, an 1886 and an 1891-O, in different parks in Portland, OR during November of 2006. He used his Minelab Explorer to make the finds. These were Bill's first seated dime finds.Bill Baker 



 This token is for "The Wide Awake Store Fowler, Colo." and is "Good for 1¢ in Trade". It was found in Fowler, CO in October, 2004.Chris Beniston 


 This 1863 Civil War token was found in September 2004 in Ordway, CO. The reverse reads: "One Country, Broas Pie Baker 131 1st S N.Y."Dick Gaboury 


 The token reads: "Derby Saloon A. Froney 100 N Santa Fe Pueblo, Colo." and "Good For 5¢ In Trade". It was found in September of 2004 in Ordway, CO.Tom Smith .


 The token was found in July of 2005 in the greater Portland, OR area. The token reads St. PL 5C. DRK EXC. William Parke 


 The Token for the Barnes Saloon, Beaverton, ORE.; Good For 5¢ In Trade was found in sidewalk repair in NW Portland, OR. It was found in May or 2000.Tom Smith 


 Todd found this token for the Lambs Club at 107 6th St. (Portland, OR) Good For 2 1/2¢ In Trade in a Park in the Portland area in August of 2005.Todd Mullican 


Vancouver - Portland Toll Bridge token