gold coins / nuggets

 This 1900-S $20 Gold Coin was found in Portland, OR in January of 2004. Dick was very happy to have this be his first Gold coin find. In the same hole was an 1890 V nickle.Dick Gaboury 

 These two Half-Eagles (1901-S & 1909-S) were found in California in the summer 0f 2000. He dug them in the same hole in a parking strip using his (then) trusty XLT. Roy Roos 

 Mike found this 1879 Quarter Eagle in a bezel during November 2004 OTTS monthly club outing at a Portland, OR park. Great Find Mike!! Of course he came in first for the day.Mike Maxon 

 Jim found this wonderful 1853-C $5 gold coin in sidewalk repair in east downtown Portland, OR in December of 2005. Jim uses a Minelab Explorer and this is his first gold coin and is he excited as are the rest of us. Jim Ward 

 Chris was with his friends Monte Berry and John Aday in January, 1998 detecting sidewalk repair and construction in downtown Hillsboro, OR when he found this very nice 1882-CC $5 Gold Coin .Chris Beniston 

 Tom found his gold coin in a torn up sidewalk that extended the full length of the block. The sidewalk produced over 80 US coins dated 1902 and older and other miscellaneous tokens and items. The coin was found in May of 1999 in Portland, OR using a White's XLT.Tom Smith 


 Don found this coin during one of his many trips to England, this one in September of 1999. It is a gold Celtic Kentish type 1/4 Stater minted in approximately 40 BC. It was recovered out of the fields in the English country side.Don Lieurance 

 Karen found this nearly Unc. 1869-S $2 1/2 gold coin at a homestead site in the Portland, OR area using her first detector she bought for $50. What a great investment!!! Karen Pelletier .

 Chris found this 1376 gold Noble in the fields in England. He was using his White's XLT when he came across the coin all balled up. He didn't know what it was until he unfolded it.Chris Beniston 

 Arnie found this 1905-S in September of 1999 at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville, OR. The circumstances were very unusual, OTTS was hosting a competition hunt at the site, and during the hunt, Arnie dug up this coin, looked at it, and thought they put a gold coin in the field. Well come to find out, it was a natural find and no gold coin was seeded in the field!Arnie Mauroni 


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class rings

  This is a 1967 class ring from a High School in Washington state. He found it with his White's XLT.William Parke 

 Steve found this 1973 W.H.S. Class Ring in May of 2004 in a park we not so fondly call "Screw Cap Park" due to the hundreds if not thousands of liquor screw caps that infest the park. He plucked the ring with his White's MXT during the Monthly Outing here in Portland, OR.Steve Tucker 

 Tim found this class pin at Rooster Rock during one of our Club Picnic and Hunts several Years ago. We have not been able to positively ID the School or year.Tim Towsley 

 Dick Gaboury 

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Chris found this Lincoln High School honor roll pin several years ago in a parking strip in Portland, OR. He was using a White's XLT.Chris Beniston


 This Portland High School Graduation Pin class of 1907 was found in a Park Portland, OR in 1996 with a White's Eagle Spectrum. The PHS graduation ceremonies were held at Sellwood Park and a graduation celebration would be held at Oaks Park.Doyle Thibert 

 1944 Robert A. Long High School Ring was found at Robert A. Long HS in Longview, WA in April of 2005 Tom Smith .

 This 1984 Linfield College NAIA National Football Championship Ring was found about 4” down in the parking strip along SE Stark Street, Just in front of Central Catholic High School in Portland, OR .I understand from Mr. Franks that sometime in the late 80’s his house was broken into and all of his sports awards and jewelry were stolen. Greg bought me dinner and a beer and was very thankful for getting back his championship ring.Doyle Thibert  

 This is a class ring from Notre Dame High School.Jon Becker