Detectorists Help Make Parks and Schools Safer

Performing a Service to community safety

Most people don't realize that the detectorists they see hunting in the parks and schools are actually helping to make them safer places for all to relax in and enjoy.

Although most things we find are buried, some are just below the surface or just hidden in the grass.

Sometimes we find little treasures, and other times hidden dangers.

Imagine a toddler finding this in the grass and picking it up to play with.  Or maybe just the point is sticking up out of the ground where you just spread your picnic blanket.

No. This is not a prop for some horror movie. This was actually found in a Portland park. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Lost picnic items are fairly common finds, live ammunition not so much.

Potentially dangerous objects are being removed by detectorists all the time. 

So if you see a detectorist nosing through a playground, a school grounds, or picnic areas, they could be there making it safer for you and yours.